Experiential Learning Profiles

Below are a sampling of some of the amazing experiential learning opportunities happening at the University of Toronto. You can browse through these profiles or filter based on experiential learning type or the home campus of the initiative.

APD1203 image

Interventions in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy, APD1203Y

Practicum 1: Interventions in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy APD1203Y emphasizes on therapeutic relationships as well as the importance of ethical and legal issues in the provision of therapy.

HMB440 dementia

Dementia, HMB440

Students in HMB440 explore multi-disciplinary aspects of aging and dementia with a focus on the most common cause of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease.

Students stand outside restaurant

Latinos in Canada, LAS401H1

Considering concrete examples of community organization through a volunteer placement, LAS401H1 studies the mechanisms used by diverse groups of Latin Americans in Toronto to build, maintain, negotiate or erase their national identities.

Centre for Entrepreneurship Image

Exploring New Ventures, ENT391H1 & ENT392Y1

Exploring New Ventures, ENT391H1 & ENT392Y1, consist of experiential learning activities applying entrepreneurial concepts within a local organization or the student’s own venture, with oversight from the Centre for Entrepreneurship.

Italian Theatre Text and Performance ITA315Y5Y and ITA413Y5Y

Italian Theatre: Text and Performance ITA413/ITA315

Italian Theatre: Text and Performance courses ITA315/413 provide students with a chance to put on a theatrical performance in the Italian language, from start to finish, with Professor Theresa Lobalsamo as their director and with funding from the community and community organizations

Image of a classroom with students in desks

Teaching Practicum, APD2220Y

APD2220Y offers students the opportunity to practice their teaching skills alongside their academic learning.

Practicum in Adult Education and Community

Practicum in Adult Education and Community Development, LHA1122

LHA1122 offers students a placement with public or private sector community organizations to put their theoretical concepts to practice through the development of different educational resources.

Desiree Kaunda-Wint, Course Coordinator

Internship in Sociology, Criminology, Law and Society, SOC480Y5

The Internship in Sociology, Criminology, Law & Society offers students an opportunity to apply their disciplinary knowledge while contributing to their communities, locally and globally.

Two students doing work together in class

Engaging Our Communities, SDS490Y1

This course allows upper year Sexual Diversity Studies students to reflect on the work of feminist, queer and LGBTQ2S+ community organizations in the GTA.

Health in Community HMB490

Human Biology HMB490: Health in Community

HMB490, an experiential learning course offered by the Human Biology Program, explores the health-related challenges and social determinants of health in partnership with local community organizations.

Italian Studies Internship

Italian Studies Internship Course, ITA388H5 & ITA400Y5

ITA388 & ITA400 provide students with the opportunity to receive one month of training prior to completing an internship in Italian paired with a school or organization.

Service Learning PCJ362H1

Service Learning, PCJ362H1

PCJ362 offers students a partnership with NGOs or governmental organizations who mentor them through their semester-long projects and help them learn real world skills.

Internship in Material Culture MCS329H1

Internship in Material Culture, MCS329H1

Material Culture internships are practical or experiential learning opportunities completed under the supervision of a faculty member, normally at a museum, art gallery or other cultural agency.

MPH Epidemiology Practicum

MPH Epidemiology Practicum Placements

MPH practicum projects could involve work on a community health status report, a specific health needs assessment, a research project, an outbreak investigation or a variety of other possibilities

Master of Information Professional Practicum

Master of Information Practicum Program

In courses INF2158 & INF2173, offered by the Faculty of Information, students undertake a practicum project under the supervision of an experienced information professional.

ESP Profile Picture

Engineering Strategies and Practice, ESP

Engineering Strategies and Practices (ESP) gives students the chance to use their engineering skills by working with clients to solve problems in their workplaces, communities, or organizations.

PCL389 Profile

Understanding the Role of Pharmacology & Toxicology in Society, PCL389

In Pharmacology and Toxicology in Society (PCL389) students learn about the science and societal views of drugs and partner with a community-health partner serving front-line workers and clientele.

Student participating in an iPRAKTIKUM internship.


iPRAKTIKUM combines experiential learning and internationalization to help students find internships that promote global fluency and cultural competence and to deepen skills acquired in the classroom in work contexts. Placements are available at local schools and businesses in Toronto and Germany.

woman in art gallery

Internship in the Arts and Visual Studies, VST410H5

The Internship in the Arts and Visual Studies (VST410H5) provides an excellent opportunity for students to gain practical work experience at an institution or business related to the arts and to visual studies.

Service Delivery Improvement Image

Service Delivery Improvement (SDI) Project

The SDI Project was a partner project with the Toronto East Quadrant Local Immigration Partnership (TEQLIP). Participants helped create a data warehouse platform that has collected, aggregated, and anonymized over 90,000 records.

Job Shadowing Profile Image

Job Shadowing Program

Students shadow professionals from fields in which they are interested. Students are offered a tour of the professional's workplace, have the opportunity to observe workplace culture and participate in hands-on learning to understand their own transferable skills.

BRIDGE New Venture image

New Venture Program

The New Venture Program blends academics with mentorship and relevant experience. It is a rigorous co-curricular program that involves the completion of several modules, culminating in a series of ‘defenses’ of a student venture’s business plan.

female UTSC student

Imani Academic Mentorship Program

The Imani Academic Mentorship Program aims to increase representation of black students in post-secondary education through activities focusing on experiential and transformative learning, such as weekly high school visits to the University of Toronto Scarborough.

Women and Gender Studies practicum participants

Women and Gender Studies Practicum, WGS435

WGS435Y is a year-long community engaged learning course for advanced Women and Gender Studies students to combine theory and practice by participating in a part-time unpaid placement with an external community partner.

UTSC A&S Co-op Profile

Arts & Science Co-op

Currently representing 35 academic programs at UTSC, the Arts and Science Co-op program facilitates academically aligned paid 4, 8, or 12-month co-op work terms and empowers students through extensive preparation.

Start-up Experience program talk

Start-up Experience Program

The Start-up Experience Program offers undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in paid micro-placements with early-stage start-up companies while developing transferable employment skills.

Social Innovation Projects

Social Innovation Projects (SIPs)

Social Innovation Projects (SIPs), pair a team of student volunteers with a community organization over a 16-week period to utilize design thinking as a strategy to explore challenges the organizations face and to create achievable solutions.

PEY Profile Image

Professional Experience Year (PEY) Co-op

PEY is a 12-16 month co-op program where students work full-time for an employer after their second or third year. Students apply their education to industry challenges while making meaningful professional contributions.


Field Archaeology, NMC 261

Run in partnership with the Summer Abroad Program, NMC 261 allows students to participate in a six-week archaeological field school in the Republic of Georgia.

Master of Science in Sustainability Management program, class of 2020

Master of Science in Sustainability Management Program Co-op Program

MScSM students complete a co-op term in their field of interest midway through their degrees, enabling them to put their coursework to use, and to explore sustainability in a given sector before returning to studies.

Jackman Scholars-in-Residence Profile Image

Jackman Scholars-in-Residence

SiR is an annual 4-week undergraduate residency in humanities and social science research. SiR seeks to foster students’ research abilities, create a multidisciplinary community of students and faculty, and pioneer a collaborative, team-based model of experiential learning.

Bachelor of Kinesiology In-Field Learning

Bachelor of Kinesiology In-Field Learning

In-field learning offers placement opportunities where students gain hands on experience working alongside leading edge practitioners in sought after locations across the GTA.

Indigenous Spirit Journey Profile Image

Community Youth Mentorship Initiatives, Indigenous Spirit Journey

Students assist youth in experiential land-based activities aimed at fostering community leadership skills, an understanding for inter-cultural inclusion, and an understanding of individuals' roles in their communities.

Heritage Language Variation and Change Project map of languages

Work Study Program, Heritage Language Variation & Change in Toronto Project

Work study positions offered through the Heritage Language Variation and Change in Toronto (HLVC) Project provide research opportunities for students to design and conduct research projects in the field of linguistics.

Health in Community Profile Image

Health in Community

Health in Community is longitudinal curriculum for all medical students. Faculty members are paired with community agencies to deliver a challenging and immersive curriculum that includes in-class sessions, reflective assignments and community-based experiences.

ENV421 Profile Image

Environmental Research, ENV421

A capstone course for students in the School of the Environment, ENV421 connects students with local environmental non-governmental organizations to address pressing research questions.

EMU425 students

Music and Urban Engagement, EMU425

Students are mentored by professional community music teachers and assist in preparing and leading music making sessions with youth residing in detention centres, allowing them to explore music's role for youth in the justice system.

Susannah Bunce and City Studies students

Learning in Community Service, CITC02

Taught at the East Scarborough Storefront, CITC02 connects students with community partners. These partners determine key projects where students learn about community-based development and planning through first-hand experiences.

CITC01 Profile Image

Urban Communities and Neighbourhoods Case Study: East Scarborough, CITC01

CITC01, offered in partnership with a local non-profit organization, introduces students to the theory and practice of (youth-led) participatory action research with a strong emphasis on ethical and value-based research praxis.

ANT241H Profile Image

The Anthropology and Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island (North America), ANT241

ANT241's goal is to establish an Indigenous and settler alliance of solidarity that supports the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation's goals of truth and reconciliation.

Alternative Reading Week Profile Image

Alternative Reading Week

Alternative Reading Week (ARW) is a three-day initiative during winter reading week, for students to volunteer in teams to support the needs of different organizations.