Experiential Learning Course and Program Development Resources

These resources for faculty and staff were developed by Professor Ashley Stirling, Vice Dean of Academic Affairs in the Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education and are designed for self-directed learning. Pedagogically grounded and empirically informed, the resources were created in consultation with a tri-campus working group and draw upon the collective expertise and experiences of faculty and staff across the institution. They focus on advancing the quality development and delivery of both curricular and co-curricular experiential learning opportunities. There are also a suite of student-facing modules that you may wish to incorporate into your experiential learning course or program.


Experiential Learning 101

Explore the theoretical foundations of experiential learning.


Purposeful Experience

Discover key considerations for an impactful learning experience.



Examine various forms and frameworks for reflection.

A student looking at a board covered with images and project plans

Designing the Experience

Learn about logistics, matching and preparation.


Administrative Requirements

Review some of the administrative requirements and institutional policies and guidelines related to experiential learning.


Access & Accessibility

Support inclusive student learning experiences.


Building Partnerships

Consider how to build and maintain ethical partnerships.


Student Modules

These editable and open source student-facing modules are to be used by instructors and staff offering experiential learning courses or programs.