Effective Partnership Development and Engagement


On this page you can view the round-table webinar and explore resources related to exploring and cultivating partnership development and engagement in a remote environment. Our panelists identified various strategies and resources that can be deployed when working remotely with community, industry, government, and non-profit partners, whether locally or internationally, considered how we can leverage our strengths as an institution, and shared lessons that have already been learned through remote engagement with experiential learning partners to create meaningful educational outcomes.


Session Facilitators

  • Dr. Colin McMahon, Community Outreach Coordinator, Experiential Learning and Outreach Support, Faculty of Arts and Science
  • Dave Fenton, Entrepreneurship and Work Integrated Learning Program Coordinator, Management Co-op, University of Toronto Scarborough

Session Speakers

  • Professor Bill McConkey, Academic Director, the BRIDGE, Department of Management, University of Toronto Scarborough
  • Professor Shauna Brail, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream & Director, Urban Studies Program, and Associate Director, Outreach and Partnerships, School of Cities, Faculty of Arts & Science
  • Kimberley Tull, Director, Community and Learning Partnerships and Access Initiatives, Office of Partnerships and Community Engagement, University of Toronto Scarborough
  • Mahvish Wesley, Director, Learning and Safety Abroad, Centre for International Experience
Recording of Webinar

By clicking the image below, you will be able to access the video recording of the webinar session.

Effective Partnership Development and Engagement

Download Slides

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Other Resources

Downloading other resources discussed in this session below:

Funding Support for Experiential Programming

Downloadable resource for remote and COVID-19 specific funding opportunities for external partners

Remote Recruitment

Tips to share with external partners on hiring and on-boarding students remotely.

Remote Student Placement

Resource for University of Toronto staff and course instructors who work with partners to facilitate and organize remote student-partner engagements.

Global Classroom Initiatives

Write-up and outline of the Global Classroom Initiative

Remote Experiential Learning Profiles

Engineering Strategies and Practice, ESP

Engineering Strategies and Practice (ESP) is a foundational design course sequence that uses the engineering design process as a context for developing skills essential to the practice of engineering. Students work with clients facing problem in their workplace, community, or organizations. These are real world problems that students are tasked to solve through the utilization…

Understanding the Role of Pharmacology & Toxicology in Society, PCL389

Pharmacology and Toxicology in Society (PCL389) expands student knowledge regarding the science-behind and societal views of drugs with a focus on street and recreational drug use and substance abuse disorders. Classes focus on the science associated with drug use and class discussions integrate health/drug policy, socio-cultural and media views. Students spend 20 hours with a…