How to Find On-campus Partners


Industry Partner

As an industry partner, you can find students available to work with your organizations through internships, co-ops, or professional practicums. Not ready to hire a student for a full work-term? You may want to consider connecting with students through an organization-partnered project, a simulated work experience, or an entrepreneurship initiative at the University of Toronto.

Below are some potential starting points as you seek the ideal on-campus partner:

Students on field site

Community Partner

Community-engaged learning seeks to create mutually beneficial partnerships between students, instructors, and community, non-profit, or public organizations. You may be interested in connecting with students through Community-Engaged Learning projects, course-connected placements, or for a few days of work on a project as part of Alternative Reading Week.

Below are some potential starting points as you seek the ideal on-campus partner:


Research Partner

Research is not only something that takes place in the classroom, library, or laboratory. The University of Toronto is Canada’s leading research institution and our students are dedicated to building upon that reputation by working with research partners. Not only will your organization get skilled students to help on a research project, you’ll also be adding students trained in cutting-edge research to your existing team.

Whether you are seeking academic expertise, access to top talent or pioneering research, a first look at some of Canada’s most cutting-edge startups, or a comprehensive partnership strategy, Blue Door provides a seamless partnership experience with the University of Toronto that leverages our vast resources to help you achieve your goals.