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Exploring New Ventures, ENT391H1 & ENT392Y1

Exploring New Ventures, courses ENT391H1 & ENT392Y1, allow students to explore the inner working of new ventures or other innovative organizations. The majority of the course consists of activities applying entrepreneurial concepts within a local organization or the student’s own venture, with oversight from the Centre for Entrepreneurship. In-class activities facilitate the application of entrepreneurial tools to develop the students’ entrepreneurial skills.

Centre for Entrepreneurship Image

Schwartz Reisman Innovation Campus


Centre for Entrepreneurship, Faculty of Arts & Science

Instructor / Program Coordinator


Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Entrepreneurship Initiatives; Organization-Partnered Project

Information for Interested Students

Visit the University of Toronto’s Centre for Entrepreneurship page for more information.

Benefits to Students

Exploring New Ventures, courses ENT391H1 & ENT392Y1, contain experiential learning opportunities that enable students to gain practical, hands-on, work-related experiences in their chosen career paths, helping them to set strategic goals. Given the reflective nature of these courses, the internship experience or exploration of their own venture idea help students determine if their chosen fields are the best paths to pursue once they graduate. It also helps them gain professional presentation skills.

Benefits to External Partners and the Community

External partners and communities benefit from the creative knowledge and enthusiastic determination to succeed that Arts & Science students bring to the new ventures. Employers are offered a rare opportunity to benefit from students’ new ideas and eagerness to do their creative best. This, in turn, aids in a fuller appreciation for the value of entrepreneurship education at the Faculty of Arts & Science.

Benefits to the University

The success of the Arts & Science students in the entrepreneurship courses facilitates local and external awareness about the value of the Entrepreneurship training offered by the Faculty of Arts & Science, fostering support on multiple levels.

Advice for Faculty and Staff Interested in Creating a Similar Experiential Learning Opportunity