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Interventions in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy, APD1203Y

Basic counselling interventions such as empathic responding, exploration of client’s affect and cognitions, and problem solving will be explored in the course ‘Practicum 1: Interventions in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy APD1203Y’ . It emphasizes on therapeutic relationships as well as the importance of ethical and legal issues in the provision of therapy. While the course presents didactic material, students have extensive opportunity to role play. In this course, self-knowledge as well as issues related to boundary maintenance, power relationships in the provision of therapy and future self-development are also examined.

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Ontario Institute of Studies in Education

Instructor / Program Coordinator

Emily Burgess, Olga Ulanova, Dita Everett


Professional Practicum

Information for Interested Students

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Benefits to Students

APD1203Y is intended to provide students with basic skills in clinical assessment and counselling interventions. Among others, issues related to the assessment of risk, history taking, clinical formulation, and the relationship between assessment and intervention will be addressed.

Benefits to External Partners and the Community

APD1203Y involves sequenced skill training, with extensive counselling simulation and supervision of practice in a field setting. Students provide clinical assessments and counselling interventions to the public, under the direct supervision of trained professionals on site.

Benefits to the University

APD1203Y is intended to provide students with basic skills in clinical assessment and counselling interventions which will provide the opportunity for the student to gain registration upon graduation.

Advice for Faculty and Staff Interested in Creating a Similar Experiential Learning Opportunity