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Teaching Practicum, APD2220Y

In this Master’s level teacher education program, students have the opportunity to practice teaching in a total of four educational settings throughout their time in the program. In the first year of the program, students engage in three, 8-week block practicing teaching placements. These experiential learning opportunities offer real life experience in teaching. Students are placed with a mentor teacher who supports their learning and professional development. A key feature of the experiential component is its structure. Students practice teaching in the morning and attend academic courses in the afternoon. This supports the theory to practice connection in real time.

Image of a classroom with students in desks

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Applied Psychology and Human Development, OISE

Instructor / Program Coordinator

Yiola Cleovoulou, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Applied Psychology and Human Development and Program Chair, Child Study and Education Program, OISE


Professional Practicum

Information for Interested Students

Visit OISE’s Bulletin¬†for more details.

Benefits to Students

Students benefit through this practicum as they get the opportunity for hands on engagement in classrooms. They are able to observe children in their learning environments, plan and execute lessons in classrooms and receive mentorship from an exemplary teacher, all of which prepare them for their career in teaching.

Benefits to External Partners and the Community

The community at large benefits from having students support classroom teachers and engage in community learning and initiatives. The children in these classrooms also have access to additional support due to the presence of OISE students and this program contributes to the building of learning communities where we share our research and academic expertise with some of the best practitioners in the field.

Benefits to the University

This program meets the requirements of the Ontario College of Teachers. The University of Toronto is a leader in teacher education and the only Masters level program in the country. Additionally, the experiential component connects OISE to the broader schooling communities. Some of the best teachers and administrators in the field are connected to this program to provide students with key learning and experiences.

Advice for Faculty and Staff Interested in Creating a Similar Experiential Learning Opportunity