Experiential Learning Modules


Roles & Responsibilities

Learn about roles and responsibilities when engaged in experiential learning opportunities.

Group of students

Understanding Your Strengths, Values and Interests

Articulate how your strengths, values and interests relate to an experiential learning opportunity.



Learn about what reflection is and why it is essential to experiential learning.


Setting Goals for Experiential Learning

Explore strategies for setting goals to get the most out of your experiential learning experience.

learning plan

Developing a Personal Learning Plan for Competency Development

Establish your own goals for developing competencies while participating in an experiential learning opportunity.


Reflecting on Your Competency Development

Identify and articulate the competencies you developed while participating in an experiential learning opportunity for use on resumes and in interviews.


An Introduction to Community-Engaged Learning

Understand the key features of community-engaged learning and consider how your goals align with the community partner’s priorities.


Preparing for Your Community-Engaged Learning Experience

Develop strategies to maximize your learning in a community-engaged learning course.