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Entrepreneurial opportunities allow students to create, organize, and manage a product development or business venture for the purpose of fostering innovation, social impact, and / or contribution to the local and global marketplace. This may take the form of partnership with a start-up or offering students the opportunity to work on the development of their own business idea. These opportunities can be curricular or co-curricular.



  • Students can find entrepreneurial opportunities across the University of Toronto. Academic programs and courses that incorporate entrepreneurship will have specific eligibility criteria, as will programs offered by the various entrepreneurship programs (accelerators/incubators) that exist at the University of Toronto.


  • The duration will vary depending on how a student chooses to become involved.

Recognition and / or compensation:  

  • Course-based entrepreneurial offerings will offer students course or program credit. Co-curricular opportunities will provide recognition through the Co-Curricular Record. Still other entrepreneurial opportunities offer support and mentorship for a business idea in lieu of official recognition or compensation.


  • Inclusion in EL is achieved when an experience supports learning for all students. In keeping with the Ontario Human Rights Code, the University of Toronto has a commitment to an equitable learning environment for people with disabilities. It is important to engage in an interactive process to determine the optimal and most appropriate accommodations for individual students engaged in experiential learning.
  • If a student requires an accommodation related to entrepreneurship, you may wish to connect with one of the accessibility services offices at the University of Toronto. Staff at these offices will advise you on the disclosure of accommodation requirements as well as support you through the process of determining and negotiating effective accommodations for the student’s individual circumstances.
  • Student support offices strive to create a safe and comfortable community where students have opportunities to discuss navigating barriers, find peer support and learn about various academic and social opportunities.


  • Review the Guidelines & Procedures page to further understand which partnership agreements, insurance and liability coverage and health and safety policies are applicable to entrepreneurship. The Experiential Learning Risk Management Matrix provides a one-page overview.
  • The requirement for student placement agreements and workplace insurance depends on the circumstances of your experience. Check with your Divisional office or email the Student Placements Office:
  • Generally, students are not covered by the University’s general liability coverage for entrepreneurial experiences.


  • Students consider the challenges and opportunities of starting and scaling a business through the lens of their area of study, helping them understand the applicability of their degree.
  • Provides students with opportunities to gain experience in the world of social enterprises and tech start-ups and to develop their professional skills.
  • Students will gain innovation skills that will support them in any future pathway.

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How to access / locate opportunities:

Resources for Faculty, Staff and Librarians

Next Steps for Partners/External Organizations

  • Organizations may want to consider issues of intellectual property and confidentiality if they are inviting students to review internal data or other confidential information for the organization.
  • Entrepreneurship initiatives take place in various departments and divisions across the University. If the organization has a project in mind, they may wish to review the University of Toronto’s Entrepreneurship page or reach out to one of the campus entrepreneurship programs (accelerators/incubators).
  • Whether the organization are seeking academic expertise, access to top talent or pioneering research, a first look at some of Canada’s most cutting-edge start-ups, or a comprehensive partnership strategy, Blue Door provides a seamless partnership experience with the University of Toronto that leverages our vast resources to help organizations achieve their goals.