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MPH Epidemiology Practicum Placements

The MPH practicum is a required component of the MPH degree. Practicum projects must include the epidemiological and statistical analysis of primary or secondary data. A significant element of interpretation of epidemiological data is required. The student must also contribute to one or more substantial work of writing. This may be original research or reports authored by the agency or a working group. Practicum projects could involve work on a community health status report, a specific health needs assessment, a research project, an outbreak investigation or a variety of other possibilities.

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Program Details

Instructor / Program Coordinator(s):

Sarah Ko, Practicum Placement and Professional Development Officer, Dalla Lana School of Public Health


External Partners Faculty & Staff Students


Dalla Lana School of Public Health

Benefits to Students:

MPH students can gain Epidemiology competencies such as understanding the system, appraising and understanding data sources, database and technology surveillance, epidemiologic methods, biostatistics and data analysis, public health guidance, communications and health promotion, partnerships, policy and evaluation and leadership and management.

Benefits to External Partners and the Community:

MPH students perform interpretation of epidemiological data and contribute meaningfully to employers.

Benefits to the University:

The curriculum emphasizes quantitative methods, critical appraisal of evidence, data analysis and interpretation. In contrast to strictly skills-based training, the degree is aimed at developing leaders who will make independent contributions when faced with public health challenges, and direct initiatives in the field.

Information for Interested Students:

Visit the Dalla Lana School of Public Health website for more information:

Advice for Faculty and Staff Interested in Creating a Similar Experiential Learning Opportunity:

Have clear competencies, find great preceptors and allow students to lead a project or be as immersed as possible in the practicum.

Dalla Lana School of Public Health


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